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Their Mission

HMI Fireplace Shops carry a vast array of fireplace and hearth products, as well as cultured stone and central vacuum systems. They offer two locations in Central Missouri to better serve customers: Lake of the Ozarks and Nixa. Developing relationships and educating our customers is their goal.

This case study provides an inside look at our partnership with HMI Fireplace Shops. The primary work performed is:

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Production
  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Creation and Optimization

Where We Come In

Our Work

HMI Fireplace Shops approached Celerity Media to help kick off their social media and redesign their website. They had a loyol customer base but wanted to build a social media presence on all platforms. The goal was to increase the number of accounts reached to sell to new audiences. Celerity Media has worked closely with the team at HMI to watch this come to fruition.

Website Before & After

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From our research we felt HMI Fireplace Shops' website was lacking compared to competitors in the fireplace niche. Celerity Media did a complete redesign of HMI Fireplace Shops' website to modernize the online brand. A clean and organized website will increase conversions and help convey credibility.

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Social Media

Celerity Media started social media accounts on new platforms for HMI Fireplace Shops'. We worked with the owner to create authentic content and began posting daily across all platforms.

Since working with Celerity Media, HMI Fireplace Shops has managed to expand their social media to TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.


Win-Win Partnership


As with all Celerity Media partnerships, the goal is to create growth and increased revenue for our clients. We continue to enjoy working with HMI and have been deploying new strategies to achieve results. We never approach marketing with a one-size-fits-all mentality; strategies must be determined in real time as data is collected. This continues to be our process for all our partnerships at Celerity Media.

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